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IT training courses in Ahmedabad

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Is it a live program or video lectures?
Our course is conducted through live classes. You are required to attend the lectures in person. We believe in interactive learning and provide real-time guidance and support to ensure your understanding and engagement throughout the course.
Will I get the certificate of completion?
Yes, upon successfully completing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion. This certificate acknowledges your dedication and proficiency in the subject matter, providing validation of your skills and knowledge.
Will there be any exams or tests?
Yes, throughout the course, there will be regular tests to assess your understanding and progress. Additionally, there will be a final exam covering both theoretical concepts and practical skills. Successfully passing these exams is necessary to obtain your final certificate of completion.
Will there be projects?
Yes, there will be hands-on live projects as part of the course curriculum. These projects provide practical experience and allow you to apply the concepts you've learned in real-world scenarios, enhancing your skills and understanding of the subject matter.
Will there be any placement or interview-related training?
Yes, we provide continuous assessment of each student's progress throughout the course. Additionally, we offer interview preparation sessions to help you confidently tackle job interviews. Our goal is to not only equip you with the necessary skills but also to prepare you for success in your career endeavors.
What if I miss a session?
If you miss a session, we understand that life events can sometimes interfere with your schedule. In such cases, we have provisions for extra classes. You can request an extra class from the academy to cover the classes you missed and stay up-to-date with the course curriculum.
Are there any demo lectures available?
Yes, we offer demo lectures before the start of a new batch. These demo sessions provide you with an opportunity to experience our teaching style, interact with the instructors, and get a preview of the course content. To attend a demo lecture, you'll need to register in advance. It's a great way to determine if our course aligns with your learning goals and preferences.
Is EMI option available for payment?
Yes, we understand that financial flexibility is important for our students. Therefore, we offer the option to pay for the course fee through Equated Monthly Installments (EMI). This allows you to spread out the cost of the course over multiple months, making it more manageable for your budget. Contact our administration team for more details on setting up EMI payments.
Is there any special discount for full upfront payment?
Yes, we offer a special discount for students who choose to pay the full fees at the time of registration. This upfront payment discount is our way of appreciating your commitment and dedication to your learning journey. Contact our administration team to learn more about the discount and take advantage of this offer.
Is there any job assistance available?
Absolutely, we understand the importance of helping our students transition into their desired careers after completing the course. That's why we provide comprehensive job assistance services. Our team will support you in your job search by offering guidance on resume building, and interview preparation, and connecting you with potential employers in your field of interest. We are committed to helping you succeed not only during the course but also in your professional endeavour’s afterward.

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IT Courses in Ahmedabad